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Shotguns are most ordinarily found in semi-automatic & pump-action. Single-shots are additionally accessible, as are double barrel, which incorporates side-by-side and over-under.

Now and again considered self-stacking or autoloading, a semi-automatic fires a solitary round with each crush of the trigger. There is no compelling reason to physically reload after each shot, as rounds will keep on being discharged, each in turn, until the shells have been drained.

Pump-actions, which are in some cases alluded to as slide-actions or pump shotguns, can hold different shells all at once, yet each round must be loaded physically by sliding the forend back towards the user. This movement is rehashed after each shot to both extract the spent casing and chamber another round. The sliding of the forend and chambering of a shell on a pump-action conveys to some degree uproarious and obvious sound. For some, this is a favored home defense weapon.

Similarly as the name suggests, a single-shot shotgun holds and shoot just one shot at a time. Their straightforwardness, with less parts to break, adds to their notoriety. Single shots are frequently the favored action for youth firearms.

A double barrel shotgun, likewise as the name infers, employs the utilization of two barrels, either side-by-side (SxS) or over-and-under (O/U). They hold two shells all at once. The most well-known applications for double barrels incorporate target sports and hunting.

The most popular shotguns for sale are from manufacturers like Browning, Remington, Henry Repeating Arms, and Stoeger.


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