Looking for where to buy a new rifle, you’ve come to the best online rifle dealer. Whether it’s for target shooting, plinking, competitive shooting, hunting, home defense, or any other reason, MxGuns has just the rifle for you. Shop from a large selection of new and used rifles for sale from dozens of manufacturers. we have just the best deals for you!


The rifles made available to the civilian market comes in several different actions. We have Single-shot, bolt-action, lever-action, pump-action, and semi-automatic action rifles. The single-shot rifles for sale holds and shots just one bullet at a time. They are first-time firearms and are often the preferred action for youth guns.

Also available in our stoke are the bolt-action rifles for sale. These rifles uses a handle to manipulate the internal bolt of the gun. This handle is mostly found on the right site of the rifle as most people are right handed. The forward and backward movement of this handle chambers a cartridge, placing it in the “ready” position. This process allows for the ejection of a spent casing or helps free the chamber in the event of a misfire or other obstruction.

The  lever-action rifles for sale or  “cowboy rifles” as they are commonly called employs an action which relies on the use of a lever. The lever is on the underside of the firearm around the trigger region. Moving this lever in a descending manner moves a cartridge into the chamber. The movement of the lever additionally helps to clear the chamber and eject spent casings.

We also offer the pump-action rifles for sale which is nothing like the bolt or lever actions rifles because they do not have an exterior handle, lever, or other apparatus to engage this action. This feature allow the user to have one hand near the trigger and the other hand on the forend. This make the operation of the rifle slightly faster than the other kinds of rifles. They use a forward and backward action in order to chamber cartridges and to extract spent-casings.

Lastly, the semi-automatic rifles for sale or autoloaders allows the user to automatically chamber, shoot, and eject rechambering  one cartridge at a time. The process goes on an on until the firearm is out of bullets. The semi-automatic rifles are some of the most popular rifles for sale.


Here at MxGuns we put our customers first making sure our rifles are affordable to everyone. The normal cost of rifles differs massively, contingent upon manufacturer, action, and caliber, as well as features and options, and a large number of different elements. Obviously, collectible or in any case profoundly rare firearms ordinarily get a greater sticker price.

Nonetheless, single-shot 22-caliber rifles can usually be found for around $100 or less.  Others are sold for several thousand dollars or more. For more info about our prices get in touch with us for the best deals.