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Handguns for sale are usually made up of semi-automatic pistols or revolvers. Both can be operated with one hand, as opposed to long guns, which usually require both hands for most shooters. Sometimes referred to as autoloading or self-loading guns, semi-automatic pistols are designed to automatically fire, eject the casing, and re-chamber a single cartridge with each squeeze of the trigger. The process automatically repeats its self until you run out of bullets. Also, Their bullets are stored in a magazine with a capacity that runs from a few rounds up to 30 rounds or more. We offer some of the best handguns at very affordable prices.

Revolvers also know as wheel guns use a wheel or cylinder to hold its bullets. When a round is fired, the wheel revolves, placing the next round in line with the barrel. This process repeats until all of the shots are fired. Their operation is single or double action. Its capacity totally depends on the cylinder.

Some other handguns for sale but not so popular ones are the Derringer. These are small handguns that can fit properly into your pocket. The design derringer highlights one to four short barrels, and each barrel holds a solitary round. A few models likewise take into consideration the stockpiling of additional rounds in the grip. The capacity of a derringer is straightforwardly corresponding to the number of barrels it has.

Handgun calibers range from the smaller 22, perfect for plinking and varmint hunting, to the 500 S&W Mag, which can take down big game.


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SIG SAUER’s most popular pistols include the P365, P320, and P938.

Smith & Wesson’s best sellers include the M&P9, M&P9 Shield, and M&P Bodyguard 380. All three models were designed for personal protection, lightweight, and made with a polymer frame.

Other best-selling pistols include the Kel-Tec PMR-30, GLOCK G43, GLOCK G19, CZ 75, and the Ruger LCP. Most of the cheap handguns available can be seen here.

Some of the most popular revolvers are made by Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Taurus.


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