What Products does MxGuns.com Sale?

Great question! We sell firearms, ammo, and magazines. We also just recently added range gear, knives and tools, and hunting gear to our repertoire! 
MxGuns.com aims to be your number one resource for all your shooting needs and we  are always looking to add products to our site. So make sure you are signed up to receive our MxGuns.com Newsletter to receive new product announcements! 

How do I buy a gun online?

MxGuns.com has made online gun buying simple and straightforward. Visit us today and browse through our shop or talk to one of our ever present support staffs.

Why Do you require a buyer to be 21 years and above to buy a gun?

Federal law allows sales of long guns to persons 18 or older, and of handguns to persons 21 or older. We are currently working on the technical ability to allow both age restrictions to be applied appropriately, but until that capability is in place, we are forced to place an age restriction of 21 on all firearm sales. We hope to have this fixed soon.

How can i change/add/cancel my order?

Once an order is placed, we are unable to change or add to an existing order. 

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to cancel your order. If you would like to cancel, please contact our Rangemasters so that we can review your order and determine if it is able to be cancelled. 

Do you price match?

We do not currently price match. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of quality products with unparalleled service. We rely on our local stores in your community to help in that endeavor.

However, if you see a used gun that you’d like to make an offer on, please feel free to use that option if the seller allows it.

What are your Payment methods?

MXGuns.com accepts CashAPP, Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay. For best and discreet Payment we Accept Bitcoin and some other crypto currencies. Crypto currencies all so come with added discounts.

What is Package Protection?

To provide greater safety, security and assurance for our customers, MxGuns.com now automatically includes Package Protection at a flat rate as part of our shipping and delivery services for all Products ordered from the MxGuns.com Site.

For more information contact our customer support.

How do i know what the legal requirements to purchase, own, or possess a gun in my state are?

Please visit or ask your local, state, or Federal officials to ensure you are in compliance with the most up to date local laws. It is your responsibility to understand the various laws and ensure that you are in compliance.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, MxGuns.com currently ships within the United States, Canada and some parts of Europe.